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    217600 - Yoga

    Relax and recharge while sculpting the body. The Vinyasa, dynamic style of Yoga moves through poses with ease and grace while increasing the length and depth of each movement. All poses may be modified to accommodate participants of varying skill levels. Please bring a mat to class. NO CLASS 7/4

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    Read Notice217600-01Yoga05/02/17 - 06/20/17VariesVariesVaries$55/$65Item Details
    Add to Cart217600-02Yoga06/27/17 - 08/22/17 7:00P - 8:00PTuREC Center$55/$65Item Details

    217601 - Pilates

    Achieve a sleek and tones physique while improving flexibility and posture. Pilates offers a balanced approach to body conditioning that relies upon positioning and gravity to effectively strengthen legs, gluteal, abdominal and core muscles. Please bring a mat to class. NO CLASS 5/27

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    Read Notice217601-01Pilates05/06/17 - 07/01/17 7:50A - 8:50ASaREC Center$55/$65Item Details
    Add to Cart217601-02Pilates07/08/17 - 08/26/17 7:50A - 8:50ASaREC Center$55/$65Item Details

    217603 - M.A.X.

    Endurance, strength and coordination are all trained in this blood-pumping workout. Exciting music and a motivational environment allow for people of all levels to excel and get fit. Join in the fun and see how you can push your body to the M.A.X.!

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    Read Notice217603-01M.A.X.05/04/17 - 07/06/17 6:15P - 7:15PThREC Center$60/$70Item Details

    217604 - Fresh & FITT

    Push yourself through a sweat-provoking (Frequency, Intensity, Timed, Type) workout while breathing in the fresh air of the outdoors in this exciting fitness offering! Muscular endurance, strength and cardio are some of the primary ways youíll be pushed. Class will utilize the Outdoor Fitness Park as well as other creative outdoor scenery, and will be indoors in the case of inclement weather. So what are you waiting for? Letís get FITT! No Class 5/27

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    Read Notice217604-01Fresh & FIIT05/06/17 - 07/01/17 8:00A - 9:00ASaREC Center$55/$65Item Details

    217605 - Body 360

    Burn fat and build muscle with this full body workout. Strengthen and condition from head to toe using a variety of circuit styled training. Class will take place primarily outside at the Outdoor Fitness Park unless weather permits.

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    Read Notice217605-01Body 36005/03/17 - 06/21/17 7:00P - 8:00PWREC Center$55/$65Item Details
    Add to Cart217605-02Body 36006/28/17 - 08/16/17 7:00P - 8:00PWREC Center$55/$65Item Details

    217606 - SWAT

    SWAT (Strength, Wellness & Agility Training) will incorporate high rep/light weight muscular endurance training that will help you burn fat and redefine your muscular structure utilizing your own body resistance, ladders, oversized tires and more! Class will take place outdoors at the Outdoor Fitness Park when weather permits.

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    Read Notice217606-01SWAT05/04/17 - 06/22/1710:15A - 11:10AThREC Center$60/$70Item Details
    Add to Cart217606-02SWAT06/29/17 - 08/17/1710:15A - 11:10AThREC Center$60/$70Item Details
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